Star Aire รุ่น CM-FIV / DM-FIV INVERTER R32


- 9,920 – 18,366 BTU/HR.

- ฉลากประหยัดไฟฟ้าสูงสุดเบอร์ 5

- สารทำความเย็นเป็นมิตรต่อสิ่งแวดล้อม น้ำยา R32

- แผ่นกรองอากาศ สามารถดักจับฝุ่นละอองและอนุภาคขนาดเล็ก

- LCD-Wireless Remote Control

- Auto Fan Speed

มีให้เลือก 3ขนาด
1. CM-095 FIV ขนาด 9,920 ฺBTU
2. CM-125 FIV ขนาด 12,574 BTU
3.CM-185 FIV ขนาด 18,366 ฺBTU

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STAR(Thailand) CO.,LTD is the company,provides the most advanced technology of air conditioner. for 30 years, STAR HOLDING GROUP grows up frequently and expands our business in three companies as STAR (THAILAND) CO.,LTD, P.P.J. ENGINEERING CO.,LTD and P.P.C. INTERCOOLING CO.,LTD for cover all of function of air conditioner’s industry. Beginning of produce, accessories ,productions facilities with our slogan “QUC” (High Quality, Best Delivery, Lower–Cost).

Our business activities covering high quality and design. The combination of technology advanced machines and skillful workforces. Our air-conditioners consist cool&heat system, Chill-water system,and multi system. According to the verified technology to fully satisfy every customer in the international market.

We offer our customer with the various and differed types such as Universal type, Wall Mounted type,Cassette type ,Window type, Floor Standing Type, Outdoor type and Remote control.

Throughtout decades that P.P.J.Engineering Co.,Ltd. had been manufacturing air- conditioning product to fulfill domestic needs until the year 1994 when economic situation in Thailand dropped down dramatically, P.P.J.Engineering has strongly boosted its product exportation. Due to industrious and potential executives, together with high performance production, P.P.J.Engineering Co.,Ltd. is able to represent itself as Thailand leading factory in the world market and its export volume increase evidently to 60% withing only 6 months!

Manufacturing air-conditioner above 32,000 sq.m. area, P.P.J.Engineering factory is devided into: heat ex-changer shop consisted of over 20 machines units; sheep metal shop consisted of 15 units; and powder coating process. The entire production Machine & Tools in P.P.J.Engineering Factory is carefully selected and planned by expertised engineer’s hands. Machine performance and capacity is realized in international standardized quality, accuratedly controlled by continously well-trained and develpped-skilled operator.



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